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BOXKARS Shifters

Select-A-Hub Shifters (Patented) are available for Shimano/Nexus, Sturmey-Archer, and SRAM/ Sachs brand hubs. Series 2 Shifters feature all metric hardware, our classic shaft style levers or a wide range of interchangeable levers in different lengths and styles. For each brand of hub, BOXKARS has engineered a precise index plate with up to 4 different shift patterns, so you can upgrade from a 3 speed to a 7 or 8, without having to buy anything extra (unless you change brands). When you order your shifter, we will pre-configure it for your specific speed hub, and for vertical, horizontal or 45 degree mounting. FRAME CLAMPS SOLD SEPARATELY HERE Clamps are available in any size* up to 1.5" [38.1mm]. *Depending on the size or shape requested, you will receive either a pre-sized clamp, or a larger clamp with an adaptor sleeve.