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What’s with the name? BOXKARS is a kustomized version of “boxcars;” slang for rolling a twelve in a game of craps. The dice on our logo (2 sixes) is a tribute to Route 66.  

The Beginning: BOXKARS was started in 2005 to build bicycles in the spirit of American Hot Rodding. That means innovation, quality, performance, and products that are made in the U.S.A. Our inspiration comes from the stripped-down, hopped-up, 1930s Fords and Chevrolets that screamed down the dry lakes and salt flats back in the 1940s and 50s. 
Building bikes to an uncompromising vision requires a very careful selection of components. In our case, it meant designing and fabricating a lot of parts that simply didn’t exist. Our shifter is a perfect example. We wanted a shifter with a round chrome lever like something you’d see on a 1960s muscle car, so we made one, then a better one.  Now we’re on no. 3. The levers we use are another example.  Bicycle levers were wimpy and too modern for the style of our bikes, so we found vintage style motorcycle levers and created adaptors for the smaller cables bikes use.  If you’re a builder, you know it never ends.  
The Mission: From the first time we showed our bikes, we’ve had requests for the custom parts we make.  So now we’re concentrating on making them work for everyone so we can make an even bigger contribution to this customizing madness. As they are perfected, we will be making our parts available through this website and select builders. Stay tuned!  

Our parts (like our bikes) are for those who appreciate the lasting value of quality, and who don’t mind drawing a crowd when they stop rolling. We look forward to building something for you.
Del Mar, California 92014